SomnoMed Testimonials

Find out how the SomnoDent® MAS has changed the lives of thousands of patients world wide.


"The SomnoDent® MAS has changed my life. I haven’t slept like this for years! I love that I can chat and drink with the appliance in. I am so happy with the SomnoDent® MAS."
Christopher - Paoli, PA

"Instantly improved my quality of life after years of decline!"
Dave - Mosinee, WI

"No mask, no tubes, no machine making noise. I recently went on vacation, threw it in my suitcase and away I went. No hassle through security. It is the greatest - the only way to go."
Joyce - Santa Cruz, CA

"I dreaded the thought of 2 CPAPs filling our bedroom with equipment; extra tables and all the hoses! I’m delighted that my SomnoMed device is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. I especially enjoy ease of traveling with my device while my husband struggles with his CPAP equipment."
Virginia - Ankeny, IA

 "I suffer from severe sleep apnea and was recommended CPAP but I found it to be very uncomfortable, intrusive and claustrophobic. When I looked around for an alternative treatment for my sleep apnoea I met Dr Eldridge. As I have full false upper teeth, Dr Eldridge fitted me with a SomnoDent® MAS Edentulous. After some tests we reached a very good result. My device works perfectly and my partner says that my snoring has improved out of sight. Many thanks to Dr Eldridge for his persistence and to SomnoMed. With thanks."
Barry Kilby of Launceston Tasmania Australia

“I have been wearing my MAS nightly for 20 months and I’d have to say that nothing I have ever tried health wise has had a greater positive impact on me than this device... Thank you.”
C. O’Loughlin, Queensland Australia

“I don't recommend CPAP for anybody. Using your product gives you comfort and the mobility to move and turn in bed. I am able to speak and breathe and the comfort of wearing the product is superior to masks, hoses and equipment.”
T. Hickman, Texas

“...One of our patients had a rather extraordinary outcome using the SomnoDent® MAS. We had a severe patient that had a surprising response, her AHI went from 32 to 2 per hour using the device.”
Dr. B. W. Miller RRT/RPSGT, Arizona

“I am writing to thank you a million times for saving my marriage and my life quite literally. Having been diagnosed with sleep apnea a number of years ago, I, along with my wife, had suffered through countless sleepless nights...”
K. Calvin, Illinois